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Winner A Day Raffle 2023

Our 'Winner A Day' Raffle tickets for 2023 can be purchased already. Please contact the office to purchase your tickets or to receive for information about the raffle.


Blessing of the Easter Baskets on Holy Saturday, April 8, 12 Noon - Church 

    The blessing of the Easter foods is a wonderful custom! As a sign of gratitude to God, people bring Easter foods for blessing. Baskets containing a sampling of Easter foods are brought to church to be blessed on Holy Saturday. Baskets usually contain foods that are eaten on Easter Sunday. Here are some suggestions and their meanings: Eggs: These are symbols of new life and Christ's Resurrection. Easter Bread: A round or long loaf topped with a cross, symbolic of Jesus, who is the Bread of Life. Ham/Sausage/Bacon: Symbolic of abundance. Butter: Usually in the shape of a lamb, reminding us that Jesus is the "Lamb of God." Wine: Symbolic of the blood of Christ's sacrifice at the crucifixion. The custom of blessing baskets reminds us that all foods are gifts from the Lord. When we prepare food and bring it to church for a blessing, we are thanking God for his great gifts. Join us at Noon on Holy Saturday, April 8, at Church where Easter Baskets will be blessed. Start a new tradition in your family! Make an Easter Basket and bring it for a blessing! 

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