Words from Our Pastor

When someone comes to the rectory inquiring about baptizing a child, if I do not recognize the parent, the first question I ask is, “Are you an active, registered member of any parish?” Why is it important that the family of a child who is going to be baptized is a member of a faith community?

The Code of Canon Law says in canon 868 – §1. For the licit baptism of an infant it is necessary that (2o) there be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic religion. The reason of this canon could be based in today’s gospel of Matthew.

In today’s gospel we hear about these two sons who were asked by their father to work in the vineyard. One says that he will not go, but went. The other one says I will go, but he did not go. The chief priests and the elders of the people answered to Jesus’ question about which son did his father’s will, “the first.” What really matters is not only to say, “Yes, we will bring the child into the practice of the faith,” but to do it. That is why at Blessed Sacrament Parish we request the family to have an official connection with a faith community. If they do not go to any church, then I will invite them to register in our parish, to come for at least four Sundays, one month, to use the parish envelopes and then, we will happily baptize the infant. We cannot force anyone to come to celebrate his or her faith on Sundays, but at least we need to try.

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